About Richgreen Tek
Company Profile
Founded in 2014, Richgreen Tek Incorporation has been building up its own R&D team. Focusing on the development in the field of Millimeter Wave Radar, we have mastered at the following core technologies: Radar antenna design; Millimeter Wave RF circuit design; Millimeter Wave signal Analyst; Target identification algorithm; Full radar system design.
So far, we have debuted the following products:
◆ 24GHz Short Range Radar
◆ 77/79GHz Dual Mode Short Range Radar
◆ 77GHz Dual Mode and Four Dimensions Mid-Range Radar (Range/Azimuth/Elevation/Velocity)

Lately, we have developed 60GHz radar sensor by Infineon's chip. It has some applications such as gesture recognition, vital sensing, security system and smart home. We are scheduled to launch in the near future.