Product description
SR-2412 24Gz Short Range Radar
Short Range Radar (SRR):
Azimuth 120 °, Sensing Area 40m. Support:
◆ Blind Spot Detection 
◆ Lane Change Assist
◆ Rear Cross Traffic Alert
◆ Door Open Warning
◆ Product Specification
Item Parameter
Frequency Range 24.05~24.25 GHz
Measuring Principle FMCW
Bandwidth <=200MHz
Transmission Power <= +20 dBm peak, EIRP
Sensing Area 0.75 m ~ 40 m
Azimuth 120°
Max. Speed +/-150km/h
Relative Speed ± 45 m/s
Detection Accuracy Distance:± 0.75 m (200 MHz OBW)
Speed:± 0.17 m/s
Identification Accuracy 1.5 m (200 MHz OBW)
Cycle time 50ms
◆ Test Specification
Radiation and
electromagnetic tolerance
Electrical test Environmental test
Electrostatic protection Operating voltage scope Low temperature storage
Radiated power Overvoltage Low temperature operation
Occupied bandwidth Superimposed alternating voltage High temperature storage
Electrostatic protection Slow decrease and increase of supply voltage High temperature operation
Electromagnetic interference test Momentary drop in supply voltage Temperature steps
Reset behavior at voltage drop Temperature cycle with specified change rate
Starting profile Water splash test
Reversed voltage Salt fog test
Load dump Temperature and humidity cycle
Insulation resistance Steady-state temperature and humidity test
Short circuit protection Leakage and functional test
Waterproof IPX9K
◆ Road test information